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Note: Most documents filed before July 23, 2013, will not be searchable by the filtering categories (Types, Submitter Roles, etc.) shown to the left of the results, below. Some of those documents, especially those filed before 2008 are not linked but a text search using the box above will search for the text in their titles and descriptions. Unlinked documents may be found on the Legacy Documents subpage on the project/proceeding’s web page or requested from our Docket Unit
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TN #:59817 Description:
Date: 02/28/2011 Size: 420KB

Blythe Energy, LLC For Post Certification Amendment.
TN #:37682 Description:
Date: 08/21/2006 Size: 0KB

Comments Related to The Recently Distributed Staff Assessment / Draft Environmental Assessment for The Blythe Energy Project Transmission Line Modifications and POS.
TN #:37268 Description:
Date: 07/10/2006 Size: 0KB

Letter Re: Western Area Power Administration a power marketing agency of the U.S. Department of Energy, received interconnection request from Blythe Energy. ( The same letter but to 8 different people. Mr. Daniel Eddy Jr, Mr D. Mike, Ms. N McDowell, Ms M. Martin, Mr. J James, Mr. R Milanovich, Mr. R Torres, and Mr. M. Jackson, Sr.)
TN #:36406 Description:
Date: 02/27/2006 Size: 0KB

Construction Milestones Requirements in the Govenor's Executive Order D-25-01
TN #:21591 Description:
Date: 07/23/2001 Size: 0KB

Committee Order On Motion Filed By Intervenor Carmela Garnica POS
TN #:20689 Description:
Date: 06/07/2001 Size: 0KB

TN #:20350 Description:
Date: 05/17/2001 Size: 0KB

Approval of Request to Change Condition AQ-17 to Require Surrender of ERC's Prior to Commercial Operation, for the Blythe Energy Project
TN #:20264 Description:
Date: 05/17/2001 Size: 0KB

Public Adviser's Status Reports 1st Trimester-2001
TN #:20251 Description:
Date: 05/17/2001 Size: 0KB

by fax, Intervenor's Motion to reopen the administrative record POS
TN #:20172 Description:
Date: 05/10/2001 Size: 0KB

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