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Note: Most documents filed before July 23, 2013, will not be searchable by the filtering categories (Types, Submitter Roles, etc.) shown to the left of the results, below. Some of those documents, especially those filed before 2008 are not linked but a text search using the box above will search for the text in their titles and descriptions. Unlinked documents may be found on the Legacy Documents subpage on the project/proceeding’s web page or requested from our Docket Unit

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TN #:216525 Description:Annual Compliance Report for Sutter Energy Center, 2017 (for 2016 Operating Year)
Date: 03/13/2017 Size: 247KB

TN #:210335 Description:
Date: 02/16/2016 Size: 30KB

TN #:202285 Description:
Date: 05/02/2014 Size: 55KB

TN #:201984 Description:Feather River Air Quality Management District's final determination of the compliance of the Sutter Energy Center's proposed equipment upgrades with air quality regulations
Date: 04/09/2014 Size: 708KB

TN #:201868 Description:
Date: 03/12/2014 Size: 769KB

TN #:201604 Description:
Date: 01/28/2014 Size: 51KB

TN #:201603 Description:
Date: 01/27/2014 Size: 209KB

TN #:201552 Description:Report of conversations between Energy Commission Soil & Water staff and Sutter County engineer
Date: 01/14/2014 Size: 29KB

TN #:201539 Description:Attachment to Letter
Date: 01/10/2014 Size: 730KB

TN #:201538 Description:Enclosure 2
Date: 01/10/2014 Size: 806KB

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