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Note: Most documents filed before July 23, 2013, will not be searchable by the filtering categories (Types, Submitter Roles, etc.) shown to the left of the results, below. Some of those documents, especially those filed before 2008 are not linked but a text search using the box above will search for the text in their titles and descriptions. Unlinked documents may be found on the Legacy Documents subpage on the project/proceeding’s web page or requested from our Docket Unit

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TN #:219988 Description:First Annual Construction Monitoring (BBCS) Report for 2015/2016 at the Genesis Solar Energy Project (GSEP), dated May 13, 2017
Date: 06/30/2017 Size: 7663KB

TN #:213690 Description:Notice of Determination (NOD) for Staff Approved Project Modification (SAPM) for Genesis Solar request for gas cylinder storage
Date: 09/16/2016 Size: 318KB

TN #:212916 Description:
Date: 08/23/2016 Size: 92KB

TN #:212879 Description:Notice of Receipt NOR for Genesis Solar Energy Project (GSEP) for Petition to Amend (PTA) to add Ammonia tanks and gas cylinder storage
Date: 08/19/2016 Size: 190KB

TN #:212617 Description:This document supersedes and replaces TN 212350.
Date: 08/04/2016 Size: 4573KB

TN #:212350 Description:in Units 1 and 2 and Gas Cylinder Storage Area in Common Area
Date: 07/18/2016 Size: 3420KB

TN #:211917 Description:Avian and bat monitoring surveys were conducted from August 31 to October 31, 2015 at Genesis Solar Energy Project in accordance with the Project’s Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy (BBCS). Specifically, standardized carcass searches, searcher efficiency trials, and carcass persistence trials were conducted. This report represents the third seasonal report for the first year of monitoring, and summarizes monitoring methods and results for those surveys based on the procedures and requirements specified in the BBCS.
Date: 06/21/2016 Size: 2295KB

TN #:211711 Description:Results of the Quarterly Avian and Bat Monitoring Surveys conducted from June 01 to August 30, 2015 at Genesis Solar Energy Project in accordance with the Project’s Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy (BBCS)
Date: 06/02/2016 Size: 1365KB

TN #:211676 Description:Quarterly Post-Construction Monitoring Report according to the Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy (BBCS)
Date: 05/31/2016 Size: 1492KB

TN #:210268 Description:Cover letter documenting Genesis Solar Energy Project (GSEP) 2015 Annual Compliance Report filing, available upon request
Date: 02/11/2016 Size: 77KB

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